Interview with Michael Khalili,
the CTO at Mixergy

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"The quality of their work is remarkable. From my experience, other vendors have had a lesser ability to understand goals. The better bunch understood what we wanted right away."

quality of service and deliverables

meeting deadlines and compliance with a project timeline

value and conformance with project estimates

willingness to refer to colleagues and friends
What does your organization do?
We have developed a website offering online education for business people in video and audio form. The format is similar to podcasts. We post interviews of Chief Executive Officers that share valuable lessons they've accumulated, and also courses for certain business-related skills, like incorporating a business, using Facebook ads, email marketing, or anything of this nature.
What business challenge were you trying to address?
Our website is mobile-responsive, but lacks download abilities for our content on iOS, while on Android it is a cumbersome process. We needed a mobile app.
How did you come to work with the better bunch?
We were referred to them by someone within the company. We had discussions for assessing how they could help us and what our current position was. We realized that the better bunch knew what they were talking about, had good offerings, and we should take the next step in collaborating with them. We're happy with the progress so far.
Describe the scope and duration of their involvement
We had a good idea of what we wanted, but the better bunch provided us with designers and insight into mobile development which we would not have otherwise had. They helped us understand the complexities and hurdles that our customers might face. Beyond retrieving the website and adding a download button, there are certain mobile-specific concepts that The better bunch helped us realize while designing the app.

We're currently in the early stages of the development. The better bunch has made a wireframe for us, sketching out the entire scope of the app, along with a few of the screens that we'll be working with. We've also built a mock-up through a web app. We can now interact with it as if it was live.

The app will be developed for both iOS and Android.
Could you share any feedback from this engagement?
I was surprised of how thorough The Better Bunch was in creating our wireframe and design. The iteration process was also very fast.

The quality of their work is remarkable. From my experience, other vendors have had a lesser ability to understand goals. The Better Bunch understood what we wanted right away, without having to re-work their designs due to miscommunication. We didn't have to spend a lot of time going back-and-forth in order to get our concept across.

Andrew Warner
founder and host of the Mixergy podcast:
"They were so freaking good to work with. Quick about changing the design and understanding what we wanted."
From the episode with Laura Roeder, founder of