Roger Obando
CTO and founder @ Kamino Labs, USA
Overall it has been a fantastic experience. What you have delivered is head and shoulders above what we could have done by bringing a resource to do it in-house

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Andrew Warner
founder and host of the Mixergy podcast:
"They were so freaking good to work with. Quick about changing the design and understanding what we wanted."
Tatiana Yatskova
Product Manager @ SenSeit, Russia
"It was obvious that our project was your priority, and you have worked together with us to ensure its success."
Roger Obando
CTO and founder @ Kamino Labs, USA
"Overall it has been a fantastic experience. What you have delivered is head and shoulders above what we could have done by bringing a resource to do it in-house."
Dmitriy Migatchev
Product Manager @ Tricolor TV mobile app, Russia
"I have worked with many different contractors, and very rarely had I been so pleased with the performance."
Ivan Metelkin
Product Manager @ Lifescan, a Johnson&Johnson Division, Russia
"You deliver a high quality result and make sure that the project runs according to the schedule and within the budget."
Stefan Wessels
Product Manager @ Zound Industries, Sweden
The man behind the Marshall London Smartphone
"Their project management is very good and they're very proactive. A minimum amount of information will take them a long way."