interview with a client:
Roger Obando
CTO at Kamino Labs, NYC, USA
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"I was constantly impressed with the level of detail and granularity that the better bunch provided, and how well they took feedback... Design talent is their defining characteristic."

quality of service and deliverables

meeting deadlines and compliance with a project timeline

value and conformance with project estimates

willingness to refer to colleagues and friends
What does your organization do?
Kamino Labs is a company that delivers user-generated walking tours of cities via an iPhone app. We are trying to democratize the walking tour space, so that when people get to unfamiliar spaces, they're not stuck to doing the typical tours, but instead they have content created by locals. This might include media on coffee shops, restaurants and parks which you might not find elsewhere.
What business challenge were you trying to address?
Before finding the better bunch, we had been using local design resources, and we weren't 100% happy with the interface of the application. After doing some research, we found the better bunch's work. I reached out to their principal and talked about a redesign of the interface.
How did you come to work with the better bunch?
We stumbled across a project they'd posted on another website. It was very much related to what we were doing at the time, and I was blown away by its design. It was very well thought out and beautiful. I found myself jealous of the interface they put together. I never found another company that could provide the same level of design at that price range.

I reached out to them looking to see if they could apply the same tactics to what we were doing. We quickly struck up a deal and started working together.
Describe the scope and duration of their involvement
The better bunch worked purely on UX and UI design. We had them put together a visual style template that we had already developed with our in-house team. The total cost was between $10-50,000. We started working together in 2014. The project has been completed.
Could you share any feedback from this engagement?
I was very happy with their work process. At first, I was a little apprehensive about working with an overseas design firm. Based on my experience, they can be problematic in terms of delivering less than the full extent of details to your product. I was constantly impressed with the level of detail and granularity that the better bunch provided, and how well they took feedback.

The language barrier was another initial concern, but the communication with our project lead has been fantastic.
What distinguishes The Better Bunch from other providers?
Design talent is their defining characteristic. The better bunch is very good at what they do. Also, they are very good at communicating and letting us know what they were doing. We never felt that we were out of the loop.