Stress-free mobile app development for businesses
You know why, we know how
A team of professionals taking pride in their craft
We specialise in corporate education, iOT & rich content, for iOS & Android, front and back end
We are BetterBunch
We have been operating since 2011, and since then have developed over 30 apps
We have done work for renowned international brands
The core team consists of 16 members, but the network of trusted external talent can be extended to up to 40 professionals.

This makes us a great fit for global clients and agencies with challenging tasks.
Our promise of stress-free service is based on 5 principles
We operate according to these principals to ensure peace of mind for our clients and build trust
1. Do your work well
2. Think twice, then speak
3. Be there whenever needed
4. Stick to deadlines and budget
5. Be better
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Do your work well
Chances to slip are countless in, so we constantly remind ourselves of the respect we must have for our work and our clients
Principle #1 of stress-free service
Overall it has been a fantastic experience. What you have delivered is head and shoulders above what we could have done by bringing a resource to do it in-house.
Roger Obando, CTO and founder @ Kamino Labs, USA
Think twice, then speak
We research, make assumptions, think up solutions and only then trouble the client for verification & feedback
Principle #2 of stress-free service
You were able to start without a lot of lead time for information gathering and you were great at turning around work fast. Excellent mutual understanding.
Mark Baier, CEO @ AviationManuals, USA
Be there whenever needed
We want our clients not to worry about development at all, and prompt feedback & quick reaction are a good way to ensure that
Principle #3 of stress-free service
It was important to us that, whenever issues and bugs were found, you would be quick to resolve them. And you were very quick and efficient.
Stefan Wessels, Product Manager @ Zound Industries, Sweden
Stick to budget & deadlines
We fight the threat of going beyond the expected with research, planning, diligence and clarity on both ends
Principle #4 of stress-free service
We had pressing deadlines and an incredible amount of work to do... And you have demonstrated high reaction speed and high quality, which is exactly what we needed.
Yuriy Vetrov, Head of Design @ Group, Russia
Be better & improve
It's in our name — we are not better by default, but by constant learning and improvement of our skills
Principle #5 of stress-free service
It's hard to demand a regular agency to provide great mathematicians that would have a deep grasp of complex algorithms as needed in our case, but you rose to the challenge.
Denis Witman, Head of Product @ Second Wind, USA